Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clean it in a public bathroom?

You don't have to wash your menstrual cup with soap and water every time you empty it, so it's no problem if you can only get to a stall without a sink in it during the day. If you like, you can wipe the menstrual cup with toilet paper before re-inserting, or bring a bottle of water into the bathroom with you.

Are there ways to sanitise it other than boiling in a pan?

Many people use a microwave to boil the water. Others soak their cups in hydrogen peroxide. Some use products designed to sanitise baby bottles, such as Milton Anti-bacterial Tablets, which are available in many supermarkets and pharmacies in Australia. This is a perfect option if you live with family or housemates and don't want them to see your cup.

I don't have a credit card. Can I still buy one online?

If you have a bank account, you can use paypal even without a credit card. If your only option is cash, you can get a prepaid credit card from a post office.

Will I spill blood on the bathroom floor when I take it out?

Lots of people empty their menstrual cup while sitting on the toilet, where there's no chance of spilling blood. You can also empty it in the shower.

Can I wear it before my period starts?

You absolutely can! Unlike tampons, which are dangerous to wear when you're not bleeding, you can wear a menstrual cup when you're expecting your period to start.

Can I use one if I'm a virgin?

Some cultures prohibit inserting anything into the vagina until marriage, or sometimes there might be a medical reason why you can't use either tampons or menstrual cups, but other than that, yes! Lunette is one of the brands recommended by experts for virgins.

Can I use one if I have an IUD?

Opinions differ on this. There is some worry that the suction created could pull out the IUD, but a study showed no increased risk of expulsion with menstrual cups. Consult your doctor if in doubt.

Are there any physical stores that stock them?

Find where you can buy menstrual cups from a map of all known retailers.

Can I use it for post-natal bleeding, or spotting during pregnancy?

Unfortunately it is recommended to only use pads during and after pregnancy, until everything has healed.